What does LIHEAP (energy assistance) do?
LIHEAP is a federally funded block grant that assists with winter heating costs associated with the primary source of heat in the household.
Can I use the online calendar to make an appointment for any other Lower Columbia CAP assistance programs?
No, you must call the CAP office at 360-425-3430 to obtain information on other programs that are available. You may only make a LIHEAP (energy assistance) appointment on this site.
What if I have Energy questions that are not answered on this website?
Call Lower Columbia CAP's Energy Department at 360-425-3430 ext. 231.
What if I need assistance but do not reside in Cowlitz or Wahkiakum County?
See the Washington State LIHEAP website link in the upper right corner of the Introduction page.
How often can I get LIHEAP (energy assistance)?
Once per heating season, if funding is available. A heating season runs October of one calendar year through September of the following calendar year. When each agency opens depends on when funding becomes available and they can run until funds are depleted or June 30, whichever comes first.
Do I have to have an emergency?
No. However, if you are in a disconnect situation and/or are without heat, please do one of the following:
  1. If you heat with electric, go to your heating vendor (Cowlitz or Wahkiakum PUD), get a 12 month billing history and bring it along with your disconnect notice to Lower Columbia CAP's Energy Department at 1526 Commerce Ave. Longview WA.
  2. If you heat with Cascade Natural Gas bring your disconnect notice into our office at 1526 Commerce Ave. Longview WA
  3. If you heat with any other source please come into our office at 1526 Commerce Ave., Longview, WA for further directions.
Are subsidized households eligible?
How is my energy grant calculated?
Your grant is based on many factors: such as total household income (for the 3 previous months from the date of application), the total number of people in the home, housing type and 12 months previous heat usage. The current amount you owe is not a determining factor for your grant.
Can I send someone to do my appointment for me?
Yes. If they live in the home with you we must have some kind of verification that proves their address. If they do not live in the home with you, please send a note signed by you that they have your permission to sign your paperwork. They must also be able to answer questions about your household (ie. birthdates of everyone in the household, rent amount etc.)
What type of documentation do I need to bring with me to the interview?