Opportunities Industrialization Center
of Washington

How This Process Works

  1. Education and Career Services
    Our career training and education system supports a diversity of stakeholders including staff, students, local contractors/small businesses, partners, and community members.
  2. Course description
    Warehousing - Forklift Course only, 8-hour course. Students will earn forklift certification.

    Warehousing - Forklift Course, 6-week course, students will earn forklift certification and gain knowledge shipping and receiving, processing of bill of lading, inventory management, safety, and customer services.

    Warehousing - CPR/First Aide, 8-hour course. Students will earn CPR certification.
  3. Enrollment Process:

    Step 1: Complete the web form and select the training location, date, and time.
    Available appointment dates are shown in black.

    Step 2: Confirmation will be sent to the email address on file.

    Step 3. Payment Options
    To make a payment, please visit the website link at https://www.yvoic.org/services/training/
    or call our office to make payment over the phone.

    Accommodations can be made based on individual needs.